DGROUPSAs part of our Surge ministry, we desire for students to be in a discipling relationship. So, we are stepping forward intentionally to provide students the opportunity to connect with a leader who will be intentional to disciple your student throughout the week, as well as once a week on Wednesday nights.

DGROUPS: Discipling groups that are intentional in relationship, geared towards spiritual transformation, and move students towards being disciples who make disciples, one person at a time. With one leader per two or three students, DGROUPS are able to connect in a greater way throughout the week, as well as on Wednesday nights, as part of Surge.

Who: DGROUPS are for students, 7th—12th grade, who are followers of Christ, and purposed to grow in their relationship with Christ. These students desire to be equipped in their faith, knowing what they believe, being changed by Christ and His Word, and living that out as a disciples who makes disciples.

What: DGROUPS will be one leader and two or three students at most. The number of students is specific and intentional as to personally disciple your student throughout the week as well as once a week during our Surge night. Jesus had his twelve, but he also had those three he really discipled on a deeper level.

Surge nights will look like this: Large group time (connect, worship, teaching time (not particularly in that order all the time), and our DGROUP small group time. I will teach (or others) a combination of Trek, Journey, Trek/Journey, or other need specific lessons. All students will be let out at 7:15, as not all students attending on Wednesday will to commit to a DGROUP, and those involved in DGROUPS will continue from 7:15 – 8:00 pm.

You may ask, “What about my student who is already involved in walking through the Trek or Journey material?” Your student will be able to continue to use the Trek or Journey material in our DGROUPS.  Some students will use the full Trek or Journey material, some may use the Essentials (a condensed version). Both versions are a wonderful discipling material. Those students committing to work through all the requirements for Trek or Journey will still be able to fulfill the requirements throughout the week and in small group. As stated above, these DGROUPS will be smaller, one leader for two or three students, with a more intentional approach in connecting with their students throughout the week as well as on Wednesdays.

When: DGROUPS will begin on September 7th, 2016. Our Surge schedule will adjust to a 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm time-frame on Wednesday nights. Below is a breakdown for Surge on Wednesday nights.

—6:00 – 7:15 pm: Large group time (connect, worship, teaching time (not particularly in that order all the time)

—7:15 – 8:00 pm: DGROUPS (1 leader per 2 students, or 1 per 3 at most)

Some benefits:
-Simplified Surge ministry and programming

-Large group together as Surge-Opportunity for jr an sr high to connect together

-D-Groups that are relationship based, intentional, transformation focused, and make disciples (following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and on mission for Jesus)

-Great discipling material

-Opportunity for students desiring a mentoring or discipling relationship to be involved in one

-Continued ministry connected to Bethel’s vision and mission